Check up person less than 50 years

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Length : 4 hours

1. Medical consultation with the medical internist

  • Clinical examination : overall condition, personal and family medical history, immunizations, health practices
  • Calculation of the BMI (Body Mass Index) : calculation of % of body fat mass and body muscle mass
  • Physical examination : auscultation

2. Complete blood test

  • Serology hepatitis B, C and HIV
  • Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome screening and comprehensive metabolic panel, kidney function and liver function analyses :
    • Screening for inflammation, anaemia : Blood Cell Count (CBC), platelets, C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
    • Comprehensive metabolic panel : fasting blood glucose level, total cholesterol and HDL/LDL cholesterol, triglycerides
    • Kidney : Creatinine
    • Liver : serum protein electrophoresis test, transaminases (AST/ALT), Gamma-Glutamyltransferase
    • Thyroid : Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone
    • Serum calcium, ferritin
  • Urine test : Sugar, albumin, blood

3. Medical exams and technical investigations

  • Electrocardiogram
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Echo-Doppler of the supra-aortic vessels (depending upon Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors)

4. Additional exams

  • Hemoccult test
  • Stress testing, dietician, tobaccologist, psychologist, handling stress (hypnosis)

5. Medical synopsis consultation for presentation of results

Subject of patient profile :

  • Nutritional and lifestyle advices
  • Stress and sleep disorder advices
  • Referral to specialists if needed

6. Medical report

Copies of the exams and a detailed report of the results, risk factors and personalized medical recommendations are sent to you.